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Do you need Marketing Online specialists?

Increasingly, all companies need a digital marketing department to help position them at the forefront of the digital highway. White Rabbit allocate specialized Digital Marketing teams to all types of companies, because we know that those who don´t have good online positioning, don´t exist in the modern marketplace.

Who doesn’t have a good online position doesn’t exist in the new market

Audit service

Are you sure you know what image you have on the Internet? We are experts in carrying out audits of your online: your website, search engine positioning, social network presence and popularity, and the overall reputation amongst your target audience.

If you still don’t have an image, we help you find your target in the best digital channels for your company.

Restyling web – SEO friendly

We update the design of your website adapting it to the latest standards of usability and interaction of Google and any other platform used for your hosting, by implementing responsive systems adapted to different devices.

Do you know that the first three results of a Google search take 60% of the clicks? At White Rabbit we take care of improving the positioning of your website in the search engine results list by optimizing the structure and metadata of your website. We work qualitatively on its content, language and keywords and we turn it into a more useful and relevant portal for the users.


We monitor the online presence and popularity of your company 24/7 to prevent risks or threats, we take advantage of all opportunities to get to know the trends that benefit the growth of your online community.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer is always right, remember? At White Rabbit, we take care of all the online management of your brand’s relationship with your customers or clients. At all times, we manage your commercial, marketing and customer service presence. This results in the improving the experience for your existing or potential customers. We facilitate demonstrable results so that you have structured commercial management aimed at increasing sales, by providing the tools for implementing more effective marketing campaigns.

Inbound marketing

We create online experiences that generate a positive impact for your company by attracting your existing or potential customers or clients to your website in a non-intrusive way. We establish a very valuable relationship between the consumer and your brand, a relationship which lasts over time.

Community management (CM)

A community manager shouldn’t just be an administrator that uploads content to your network. We offer a 360º community management service:

  • Social media creation and maintenance.
  • Content development for Social Networks.
  • Monitoring and response to comments.
  • Growth-hacking.
  • Online conversation.
  • Community dynamization.
  • Reputation crisis management.
  • Influencers identification.
  • Campaign management and recruitment.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Our digital advertising team is certified by Google, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Blueprint, in addition to managing campaigns on other digital advertising channels.

We will help you throughout the campaign development process: from the Performance selection of the different channels, setting objectives, the investment to be made, the most effective messages, keywords/ scope studies, monitoring and optimization.

In order to achieve the highest result.

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Programmatic

Our digital advertising team will help you manage the display advertising campaigns that suits better with your buyers.

We contract spaces directly to PPC or in programmatic auctions, according to objectives, campaigns and investments. We get the most revenue possible.

We develop and implement the entire campaign process and also we help our clients develop the most effective message.

Email Marketing

We make email marketing strategies adapted to your client’s needs. We work to optimize your email strategy and automate processes that help your potential clients to trust in your services or loyalty those that already are.

  • We configure the best tools on the market, whether you have the service (acumbamail, mailchimp, getresponse, etc.).
  • We analyze the usability of the design and the effectiveness of the message.
  • We work the most effective CTA’s (call to action).
  • We manage, send, control and analyze the different campaigns to achieve the highest rate of openings, clicks, interaction and most importantly: conversion or lead, depending on the campaign typology.


If you want to sell products or services online, contact us and we will help you throughout the sales process, going through the following actions:

  • We discuss together which the best strategy to reach your buyers is.
  • We review the potential scope of your market, analyze the best management system for your online store: either its own development or a CMS (Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.)
  • We help our clients throughout the sales strategy to achieve an optimized conversion funnel

Web development

Our team of developers, with long experience in Frameworks, CMS Managers or custom developments, will help your company to have a stable digital presence. High precision in Performance Web (fast response request) validated by standard programming systems, with optimum usability, accessibility and adapted to any type of device under the W3C standards.

Also with custom developments according to the specific needs of your company’s services / products. We work: intranets, communication systems, downloads, training, CRM management.


With the same concept as our web development service, our team of app developers works different formats of applications, whether hybrid or native, for all known systems on the market (mainly IOS and Android).

Loyalty to your client with the most effective tool on the market. High penetration and ease of communication.


We help our clients in the digitization of their companies and we train them in the digital areas carried out.

We know that the online world is always in expansion and all may become obsolete very fast. For that reason marketing professionals must be constantly trained.

This is how we do it at White Rabbit and we have incorporated it into our DNA. This is the reason why we have created our White Rabbit Academy platform. Sharing our knowledge with our clients.

Web Analytics

We help you tracking your website or application with the most powerful tools on the market. As Google Analytics & Tag Manager partners, we help you to mark the navigation funnel of your website. With few metrics you understand the evolution of your business and optimize resources for its optimal conversion.

We set up information panels. You can have all the figures of your business in an agile way and make decisions quickly.

What they say about us?

Our clients

Ruth Cuscó
Managing Director of ASHO
"At The White Rabbit we have found the solution we were looking for. They are operative, decisive and creative, doing great teamwork with the management of our company. They help us efficiently controlling our communications, our company image and our identity corporate".
Juliana Macari
CEO of One Massage Buenos Aires
“The White Rabbit team has shown us efficiency and quality of service. At One Massage we are very happy with their performance and contributions in terms of communication and brand”.
Santiago Montero
CEO of Aervio
"Working with The White Rabbit is an experience that goes beyond its ability to meet Aervio's communication needs: They learn, understand, adapt, advise and make each project their own".
Montserrat Batlle
Director of Marketing of donpiso
"I only have words of thanks and recognition for the level of professionalism, experience and involvement, especially with the online marketing and communication division. Highly recommended for both quality of service and humane treatment".
Gerard Duelo
President of Consejo General de Colegios API de España
"Working with The White Rabbit has a serious danger: it’s addictive. The more you use them, the more you need them and more services you entrust to them. We started with a simple event and today they organize the communication of everything. Trust is total, professionalism and dedication is high, and availability and friendliness are the icing on the cake. Let us record our satisfaction here”.
Ramón Riera
President of FIABCI SPAIN and founder and owner of Eurofincas
"Since we have met and began to work together to spread the FIABCI Spain brand, we had a relevant place for the media. Over the course of our relationship, our objectives have been met. Today our association It has become a recognized medium as observatory of the national market. I wouldn’t know how to continue without their contribution and good work".
Cristina Palomino & Toni Higueruelo
Founders of Rollyhoo
“The White Rabbit is more than an agency. They are committed and involved colleagues who bring great value to your company, understanding and perfectly representing the essence of your brand".
Pere Cerdá
Director VI3 Informática
"We work together with The White Rabbit team as if they were part of the structure of our company. They took on our challenges with the same enthusiasm and energy as if they were theirs and helped us project ourselves in the market in a very dynamic way, clearly improving our image and the return on investment. Also they have the ability to adapt to changes and propose new strategies and approaches that maximize investment. The empathy of their human team has always made collaboration very simple. Absolutely recommended".
Domingo Hernández González
Managing partner of La Daurada
"Since the beginning of 2019 we began our collaboration with The White Rabbit and until today they have met the expectations set. They have also had a very proactive attitude unlike other agencies that we have collaborated before... There are more facts than words, something difficult to find in the world of communication... we will continue trusting them!!!!"
Anna Puigdevall Sagrera
Manager of AIC
"Nowadays, if people don’t know you, you don’t exist, if they don’t see you, you don’t exist, if you don’t have a good communication strategy, you don’t exist. With the help of The White Rabbit we have taken a very important qualitative leap in our external communication. We have created a mixed team that it allows us to work in an agile and coordinated way and, above all, obtaining spectacular results in communication. I would say: with your commitment and your knowledge, we have obtained great results".

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