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The White Rabbit creates, launches and manages your own comprehensive, tailored Communication department. Whatever the size, budgetary capacity or structure of the company. We have more than 20 years of experience in the market and our know-how allows us to design, plan and execute successful actions for our clients, both national and international.

Media presence, positioning, prestige, reputation… are no longer abstract concepts only affordable for big companies that can invest large budgets.

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Media Relations

In this globalized world, the media are less surprised every day… Do you want your relationship with the media to have a differential value?

Public Relations

“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about,
and that is not being talked about.” (Oscar Wilde)

At The White Rabbit we understand the fundamental importance of Public Relations for a company, that is why we design successful strategies which stay on everyone’s lips!

Digital Marketing

Increasingly, all companies need a digital marketing department to help position them at the forefront of the digital highway. The White Rabbit allocate specialized Digital Marketing teams to all types of companies, because we know that those who don´t have good online positioning, don´t exist in the modern marketplace.


The success of the projects depends on the optimal combination of a Communication and Advertising strategy. We offer to our clients the possibility of designing advertising campaigns with the best possible negotiation and monitoring results.

Brand experience

The most successful communication does not depend on the dissemination of information but on the creation of experiences to be lived. The White Rabbit has a Brand Experience department dedicated to the creation of events, partnerships with other brands, and B2B and B2C experiences.


We create image. We offer to our clients the possibility of having a design department, such as the construction of the image of a company or project, as well as works of different kinds.

What they say about us?

Our clients

Nacho Calvo

Secretary General of the Navarra Hospitality and Tourism Association and the Navarra Camping Association

“Meeting again with TWR, after all these years, brightens my day; starting a business relationship because of it brightens the future; but having that relationship be so fruitful is exhilarating. I’ve known Laura for several years, so her efficiency in her work was more than expected, but like a fine wine, her quality has improved even more over the years, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the work she is doing. The relevance and impact of her work have been unexpected, far exceeding the initial expectations in promoting the Navarra Campings and their initiative related to Cycle Tourism. But what is even more gratifying is seeing how her team is as dynamic as Laura, which allows us to foresee the success of this communication company. It has been a great decision to reconnect in our professional lives and to witness the great professionalism of The White Rabbit team. Grateful.”

Gerard Duelo

President of the General Council of COAPI Spain

"Working with The White Rabbit has a serious danger: it’s addictive. The more you use them, the more you need them and more services you entrust to them. We started with a simple event and today they organize the communication of everything. Trust is total, professionalism and dedication is high, and availability and friendliness are the icing on the cake. Let us record our satisfaction here”.

Vicenç Hernández Reche

CEO de Tecnotramit. President of AIC & ANAI

"Working with The White Rabbit is a clear example of the benefits of outsourcing. From the very beginning, their level of involvement and collaborative work makes you feel like you're working with people from your own organization. Their ability to adapt to client needs and understanding of the constantly evolving market keeps them focused on the evolution and needs of your brand, as well as your communication skills. But beyond professional achievement, it's their closeness, trust, and humanity that make The White Rabbit the perfect partner to establish a lasting and comfortable communication strategy."

Lola Alcover

Secretary of the General Council of COAPI in Spain

“How to present an idea, how to developt a project, is, without doubt, one of the essential aspects for The White Rabbit to achieve their purpose and be successful. No matter how good they are, if you don't know how to transmit them, they won't reach their goal.This is where excellence in reporting comes into play and this is precisely what The White Rabbit gives us; this is what they represent, the art of communicating. Commitment and reliability are the two parameters on which their professional relationship with us is based, with an effectiveness and results that we have never had before and which have far exceeded all expectations. The White Rabbit is not just another company that we have hired to provide us with a service, it goes much further and its involvement is such that it is really our own communication and marketing team. They are part of our house”.

Anna Puigdevall Sagrera

Managing Director of AIC

"Nowadays, if people don’t know you, you don’t exist, if they don’t see you, you don’t exist, if you don’t have a good communication strategy, you don’t exist. With the help of The White Rabbit we have taken a very important qualitative leap in our external communication. We have created a mixed team that it allows us to work in an agile and coordinated way and, above all, obtaining spectacular results in communication. I would say: with your commitment and your knowledge, we have obtained great results".

Ricardo Gulias

CEO & Founder of RN Tu Solución Hipotecaria

"We started working with The White Rabbit by chance as we were embarking on a new project. However, you soon realize that they are on a higher level, and you need them to grow. They are tireless workers, omnipresent, accompanying you in every step of your marketing processes. The only regret I have is not having worked with them sooner."

Christian Aguilar Llopis

Director of Franchise Development at RN Tu Solución Hipotecaria

"We hired them for a couple of months, and from the moment they fired up their engines, we elevated our status, amplifying our voice and creating opportunities to make ourselves known. The adaptation was immediate, and the execution was efficient. Beyond execution, they bring us strategic value to be more notable, as they have a clear vision of the industry, showing us the best way to face our challenges. Now, they are not only essential to our company, but they have expanded their impact beyond public relations and communication."

Seamus Fahy

Managing director de Barcelona Vaults

"I met TWR through a business contact. At first, I was nervous as referrals can sometimes be unreliable. Given that The Vaults Group was a new company in Spain and the owners, foreigners, I had to make sure that our PR company was 100% efficient. From our first meeting with TWR, they understood our concerns in detail, the heart of the business, and our needs. I am impressed with the media coverage they achieved. I have used many PR companies over the years, and I must say that TWR is among the best."

Marta Duelo

Legal Manager in Mobile World Capital Barcelona

"My relationship with The White Rabbit began with a challenge: to improve my personal brand as a lawyer. And now, after a year of collaboration, I see that, with knowledge, tools, and teamwork, the results come. What I'm clear about is that investing in communication and digital marketing is synonymous with long-term, positioning, and constant learning. And even more so with The White Rabbit, whose personal attention, transparent treatment, availability, and professionalism are unbeatable. It's worth mentioning, furthermore, that they have always made me feel understood in my needs, almost before I even did. I’m very grateful."

Go big or go home!

Professionals at work

Our team

The White Rabbit is a project launched by a group of young professionals in Communication, Marketing, Public Relations & Online Strategy after detecting that the market needs their own departments in these areas with affordable costs and high professionalism.

We propose solutions. Being close with the clients. Absolute commitment to our work. Very high demand in the creativity of actions. Extreme ambition for results. Speech and realistic vision.

We surround ourselves with creativity, innovation and development.

We will wait for you!

Laura Sali Pérez


More than 20 years of experience in Communication and Public Relations managing challenges with permanent passion to achieve positive results for each project. “Impossible is just a word.”

Enan López de Freitas

eStrategy Director - CMO

More than 15 years of experience in Communication and Online Marketing Departments. Expert in digital campaign design. “Achieving results is a permanent challenge.”

Marga Cañellas

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive at The White Rabbit since 2015: “Listening and understanding the customer is the base of success in a Communication strategy. At The White Rabbit we are persistent in achieving quality results.”

Javier de Agustín Valdés

Senior Account Executive

More than 10 years of experience in the Communication & PR sector. Attitude, creativity and ideas. “To give up is to decide to be a mere spectator”.

Marta Escolar

Senior Account Executive

More than 5 years of experience in the communication and journalism sector. “At White Rabbit we work in direct contact with the client to respond to their needs. The key to making a difference is our attitude.”

Carlos Sánchez Abril

Account Executive

Communicator and scriptwriter with over 5 years of experience in the world of journalism. “We understand communication as the path to constant evolution. At The White Rabbit, we strive to always keep our gaze fixed on success and the future.”

David Costa

Account Executive

More than 5 years of experience in the world of communication “Taking care of the details is the key to success”.

Alejandro Giménez

Content Manager

Graduated in Journalism with more than 5 years of experience in the communication and news agencies sector. “At The White Rabbit we understand that no one succeeds without effort, our foundation is built by perseverance and building strong relations with our clients.”

Agustina Chiaravalli

Digital Marketing Executive & SSMM

“En The White Rabbit trabajamos pensando siempre en cubrir las necesidades del cliente. Sin limitaciones y sin límites. Siempre a por más.”

Montse Llonch

Digital Marketing Executive

More than 3 years managing social networks and corporate communication for companies. “People are the focus of digital communication. Every campaign and publication has to be designed by and for people”.

Angela Cortell

Paid Media Manager

Since 2009 managing Paid Media campaigns. Curious by nature. “In a constantly evolving sector we are forced to learn new things every day, and to improve results every day as well.”

Cecilia Navarta

Senior Graphic Designer

Degree in Corporate Image, with more than 15 years of experience. “Life is as creative as a blank page, if you live imagining and dreaming, you will never stop creating what you pursue.”

Maria Belén Cortés

Junior graphic designer

“Language is limited… design allows infinite spaces to be explored.”

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